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Agency Media is a full service digital marketing agency from Vancouver, British Columbia with a passion for creating content for sales systems. Working with clients from e-commerce start ups to some of North America’s largest companies in the Industrial sector we execute data-driven digital strategies for both lead generation, sales (conversions) and recruitment campaigns.

Our passion is in Video, but our expertise is in everything strategic.  Whether the objective is to utilize digital campaign strategy to bring recruitment costs down, or to drive sales we utilize data to effectively meet targets.

Throughout Agency’s journey we’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with so many different businesses throughout so many different verticals and sectors, we decided that we needed to create a simple platform to share some of their stories, and just others in the business community.

We believe that every business stems from a beautiful combination of commitment to outcome, risk, and passion. This is an outlet to share some of those stories.

Joel Macdonald

Joel has over 20 years of sales and business management successfully managing two Apex Wireless locations before becoming the Director of Business Development for the company in 2017. He is currently operating a dual role within the Westlund Group as president of both Apex Wireless and Agency Media and not to mention the difficult task of being Leland’s hero. Joel’s hands on and effective sales management, business management and attention to detail provides the company with the ability to effectively provide value to all of our clients. Joel’s all about leadership and has built and grown successful teams over the past 20 years across multiple verticals of the business. Prior to starting at Apex Wireless, he was a radio announcer at EZ Rock 106.3 in Golden BC —– he has still has the charisma of an on air personality.

Adam Besse (TSBTB Founder)

Adam Besse is the president of Agency Media and has been creating video content since his teenage years. He’s been leading the Agency team for several years with a strong passion for sales, business to business strategy and client success.  Starting with Agency as a video director, producer and editor, he helped grow the company into what it is today. He’s been known to frequent video shoots, add his thoughts to strategy and jump into the editing bay’s to work on client projects when the team needs an additional eye on a project. Adam is a proud father, husband, a star wars geek (check his tattoos next time you see him), and loves everything about sales. Most importantly utilizing strategy to grow Agency’s clients sales systems.

Leland Dieno (TSBTB Founder)

Leland Dieno is the Vice President of Agency Media, and works with clients on executing digital strategy across their digital eco systems. Prior to working at Agency, he worked in the retail grocery business for 15 years in both IT and Marketing leading web strategy, social media tactics, web development and ecommerce. From there he lead the Digital Marketing team at a local university and authored and executed digital strategy while managing a team. He now manages Agency’s web development process, digital strategy and oversees general operations within the company to support our client’s growth. Leland is passionate about business, a self starter and entrepreneur and obsessed with digital sales systems. He’s a proud soccer coach, father, and digital marketing geek.

Alexis Westlund

Alexis Westlund is the Director of Social Media at Agency Media and also manages video projects. She works with clients on executing data-driven and story-telling social media programs\campaigns, and also oversees all video projects. Focusing on the ability to create both long form video content and micro content that can be distributed across multiple channels. Alexis is responsible for all things social when it comes to “The Story Behind The Business”, if you came across us on social media that was most likely her doing!

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