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Alex Mcaulay

Solving a simple question for accounting professionals



Alex mcaulay the story behind the business


Alex Mcaulay has a pretty stacked resume.  He was CFO & Co-Founder of Dragon’s Den hit “Naked” which later was acquired, the CFO of Garmatex Technologies, and is now the owner of his own ACM Firm. We also should mention that he is one of the co-founders of Kosan Travel Co. which launched an extremely successful kickStarter campaign raising just shy of a million dollars.

kosan travel alex m

Kosan Kickstarter Campaign as of August 2019.

Alex refers to himself as a “reluctant entrepreneur” and if you’d met him you would definitely come to a similar opinion.  He is cautious with his words, and extremely strategic with his career. Alex has recently started working on his firm’s direction and taking it to the next level. The primary objective of his ACM Firm is to solve a simple question for accounting professionals; “If you want to learn to become a controller, where do you go?”

For those of you not in Accounting, a Controller is essentially the lead accountant, or the Chief Accounting Officer that works for a firm or organization running their accounting department. It’s an incredibly difficult job, requires a lot of work ethic and number crunching and is probably one of those toughest C level jobs that exists. Not only are they responsible for the accountants and staff in the accounting department, often the finance\accounting department is responsible for multiple other verticals of the business (like areas of IT for example).

Alex says that his business is still in the early stages but they are getting tons of traction by focusing on financial reporting for public companies.  He admits that there are some players in the space, but he also says that “There were 18 search engines before Google started, so its not a deterrent for us”.  He believes that his company is managing the business different from anyone doing it and there is loads of room to grow before they have to communicate their differentiation. They are currently in the stages of developing their USP.

Alex started as an entrepreneur only two years ago and was born in Powell River but grew up in Chilliwack. He says that “Working Is His Hobby”. Whenever he needs to work his creative muscle he starts up a new project. Right now he joked that it’s plants…  When asked about something people may not know about him he mentioned that he beat the national chess champion for his age group at only 10 years old.

Alex says that the Landmark Forum was absolutely critical in his journey and recommends that every entrepreneur go to it. If you aren’t familiar with the Landark forum, it is a program that offers “Transformative Learning” . It’s an investment that many people have made and claim transformed their way of thinking and lives.  You can read more here –

I asked Alex some specific and tactical business questions, including what may be keeping him up at night. He said that financing growth and finding the right people is the current opportunity, in the next few months it will be developing his training program as fast as possible.

Alex recommends the book “Built To Last” by Jim Colins.

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