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Kim Larson – All Elements


We had the opportunity to chat with Kim Larson, the Director of All Elements in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada. All Elements is an award winning luxury home design and development company that has set itself apart by differentiating themselves in the high-end market. Their clientele trust them with extremely elegant and functioning high end homes in British Columbia’s most beautiful environments.

Kim Larson All Elements Kim Larson All Elements Kim Larson All Elements

kim larson

Kim Larson is an exciting entrepreneur and passionate about homes.  She’s known to have being self motivated, driven and one of the top home builders in North America in terms of the work she does, the clientele she attracts and our personal opinion!

Business wise All Elements competes with some of the top home builders in the area, and have differentiated themselves so much from their competition that potential customers\clients come to them more than they would ever need to seek them out.

If you are interested in learning about the business and getting some tips from one of the best, this is definitely an interview for you.


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