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Tradable Bits is a company that is at the forefront of helping businesses utilize fan data to better market to their audiences. If you work in marketing, the thought of utilizing ticket data and figuring out how to capture who the actual purchasers of music festivals, concerts or sporting events are has probably been something that came across your mind. Major events, especially music festivals and sporting events typically don’t have issues selling tickets, but they generally haven’t done much with the audience data from purchasers, simply because they weren’t capturing it correctly.

Tradable Bits is at the forefront of utilizing past event data and capturing upcoming event data to better market to audiences and help organizers + businesses generate more revenue and segment audiences with strategic marketing.

Adam Besse had a chance to sit down with Lenny Goh, Tradable Bits’ Vice President of Business Development and chat through some of their sales aspects, their sales system and just how the company is disrupting the industry.



Listen to the podcast episode and interview here

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