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Jayden Grundy: Vine and Hops Tours Inc.


Jayden Grundy, originally born in Red Deer, Alberta and now living in Vancouver, British Columbia, is no stranger to travel and the tourism sector. As a part time flight attendant he has traveled all over the world and seen and met some incredibly interesting people, not to mention the different cultures he has been able to experience.

He’s a passionate philanthropist who has devoted a lot of time volunteering for charities, including spending 8 months in Thailand after the 2004 tsunami hit helping other rescue and clean up efforts providing support for the locals as they rebuilt their communities and lives.

Aside from charity work, his part time job, and travel he is as passionate about being an entrepreneur as he is about wine and local craft beer.  He started a local Craft Beer and Wine tour company called “Vine and Hops Tours Inc” in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.  His vans are seen throughout the city and attending major sporting events like the Hastings Raceway and the Vancouver Canadian’s games. He provides both corporations and anyone who is a wine or craft beer enthusiast to some of Vancouver’s top spots, providing them with full transportation and itinerary, but also an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how some of these amazing local spots operate.

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The craft beer and local wine businesses have been growing steadily over the recent years, and the craft beer “culture” has developed in and around Vancouver more so in the recent year than ever before. Breweries are creating both lifestyle brands and delicious craft beers that you literally aren’t able to taste anywhere else in the world.

Jayden’s focused on travelling and experiencing everything he can in his field. That often means that he heads out of town and even out of country to visit with craft breweries and wineries to see what they have to offer, how they differ from what’s available in BC and of course how his tours can provide locals and tourists with an experience of a lifetime.

We asked him a couple of business related questions. It was obvious that he created a business for himself in an area he was passionate about. He loves wine, and he loves craft beer. He loves everything about both including their culture and the fact that it brings people together.

When asked for advice the biggest piece of advice he gave a new entrepreneur, or someone building their business is to “Learn from your mistakes”. He said that perfecting his growth has kept him up at night, and making sure that he provides all of the guests with an unforgettable experience is top priority for his business and that culture is instilled within his company. Everyone from the drivers to hosts strive to make sure the experience is something that will be a cherished memory for a long time (or until they take the tour again!).

Jayden’s Book recommendations:  Sacred Journey & Peaceful Warrior

Jayden’s Podcast recommendations: Tony Robbins and Joe Rogan

vine and hops craft beer and wine tours vine and hops craft beer and wine tours


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