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Joel Primus is no stranger to entrepreneurship, business, and success. If you are a fan of the hit TV Show Dragon’s Den you have probably seen his episode (here) where he promoted his underwear line that later went on to be acquired. He’s involved in several businesses, start ups and initiatives and looked at as one of Canada’s youngest and most successful business people. BC Business honored him with a top 30 under 30 award, and he’s been recognized globally for his efforts. His entrepreneurial journey has landed him on TV, in South America filming a documentary and a ton in between.

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His latest journey “Raising Global Citizens” documented his family’s travels in Columbia, Argentina, Taiwan, Yukon, Vietnam and Lebanon and he shared the story via the website and social media. Joel says that he’s made a lot of mistakes in his life and in his start up efforts but he continues to always focus on learning and growing. His blog shares the knowledge he’s gained, and continues to gain throughout his journey with others who may be interested in learning from him. He shares both his struggles and success in hopes that the story may click with an entrepreneur or person who is facing similar challenges, or thinking about starting a business (or life journey!).

In today’s digital world there are a ton of entrepreneurs sharing their start up stories or blogging about their success. Joel differentiates himself by telling it like it is and not being afraid to tell the truth on his blog. He’s written about some of his personal experiences with Anxiety and psychedelics.  His content is a mix from fitness, to entrepreneurship and mental health to stoicism and expanded states of consciousness. Writing content for the blog has been self serving for Joel as well.  He says that it’s assisted him in digesting his experiences.

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A former serious athlete who has started a couple of successful apparel companies is an understatement in describing Joel Primus. He’s a successful entrepreneur who is being real with his journey and sharing all of it with those who are interested in learning from him. Born in Prince George and raised in Abbotsford, Joel loves exploring the world with his family, tasting new beers, wines and spirits and sharing his life with anyone willing to listen.

Joel’s book recommendation: The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida

Joel’s life lesson he’d tell a new entrepreneur:  Experience everything you can and don’t forget that your “life” is right now, this moment. Goals are great but you need to make sure that your living your life day to day as you strive to achieve them.

Podcast Recommendations: Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, Kevin Rose and Dax Shepherd.

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